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Does your Retirement Account follow the two rules Warren Buffett uses to manage his money? 

You'll know, within the first few seconds of this video, if your Retirement Account follows Mr. Buffett's "Two Rules."

100% of our clients' Retirement Accounts DO follow these two rules, and because of this, no client's Retirement Account has ever lost ANY money in ANY stock market crash or "up-and-down volatility." 

If your Retirement Accounts are in stocks, mutual funds, bonds or any other "investment," your money IS NOT protected & guaranteed against losses if the stock market declines or crashes (remember 2008-2009?)

But your money can be protected & guaranteed, if that's what you want...

Spend 4 minutes right now, watch the video & learn how you can literally "insure & guarantee" your money, and never lose another dollar in any stock market volatility or crash.  

After you watch the video, I know you'll have questions. Call me directly at either number below, and I'll answer your questions immediately...

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Rick Dennis, CFF
Certified Financial Fiduciary®
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Your Life Savings Are No Longer At Risk

Never lose $ if market crashes. Ever.

Your money will no longer be at risk if/when the stock market crashes... Your current retirement plan can't do that!

Lock in gains automatically

Your 401(k) or IRA will be able to "lock in" gains automatically. Your current plan can't do that, either!

No management fees - zero, zip, nada

Annual "management" fee: 0.0%

Take Control of Your Retirement Savings

"Turn the retirement account you HAVE into the retirement account you WANT!"


Rick Dennis is a Certified Financial Fiduciary, and is President of Conservative Retirement Solutions, LLC, a Houston-based retirement planning company.

Rick provides financial education to help people learn about options they may not know about - options that can a) eliminate stock market losses, b) provide a guaranteed "paycheck for life," c) save money on their taxes and d) "turn the retirement accounts they have into the accounts they want."

Rick enjoys singing with the The Houston Tidelanders, a men's barbershop chorus, and he's a diehard Houston Astros fan. He's married (43 years) and has two grown children.


Watch It Now!